User documentation

User documentation is related to the latest release. User documentation related to the nightly build is part of the repository, so every new feature is documented in commit that delivers this feature.



Installation process

  • Open directory with CyberWatch OS in VSCode
  • Connect your device via USB
  • Compile and upload project via VSCode

Date & time synchronisation

Date & time of TWatch is synchronised with build machine everytime CyberWatch OS is compiled & uploaded.

Basic manipulation

Default screen mode

Display is turned off by default. It could be waked up by touching display, button (crown) press and, if enabled, by tilt maneuver. After 5 seconds of inactivity, display goes sleep. After waking up, display is set to clock app, no matter on what application went sleep.

Display always on mode

This feature can be enabled on settings screen. When feature "display alwas on" is active, display is set to clock app and watches are locked after 5 seconds of inactivity. When watches are off hand in this mode, after 5 seconds off hand (e.g. no move on table) display goes sleep; after moving/shaking watch, display wakes up.

Autolock screen

When display is waked up from sleep mode (by touch, button press or tilt up maneuver), display is in locked state. That means that device ignores all display touchs. This state is indicated by icon of lock in tray panel of display. Device could be unlocked by pressing crown (button). When clock app (default screen) is active and unlocked, device can be locked by pressing crown (button) or longtouch (>0.5s).

Switching between apps

Switching between apps is handled by horizontal swipe. Crown button press is used to return to watch applciation, if hasn't special function (e.g. start/stop on stopwatch app).

Power on/off

Device can be turned on or off by long (3 seconds) crown (button) pressing.

Device settings menu

Device settings menu is accessible via longtouch (>0.5s) on any unlocked watch face. This shows menu, where can be set followed: display adjust, display always on, vibration and activation by tilt up maneuver. These settings are stored between device shutdowns/starts.


Watch faces

Watch faces can be changed by vertical swipe. Selected watch face is saved and set as default after next system start.


CyberWatch OS has 3-slot alarm. Each alarm can be set for ringing repeatly per day in week or only once.

For alarm setting, longtouch (>0.5s) one of three alarm to set time and days for alarm. Use hour and minute spinner to set time. Use button "once" for ringing only once, or day buttons to set day when alarm will be active.
To disable alarm settings, use "delete" button. After deleting, all tsime and days setting will be deleted.
Alarm settings are stored between device turning off/on.

When the alarm is ringing, display will show only caption "alarm" and alarm time. When watches are on hand, they also vibrate.

To turn off the alarm, press crown button or longtouch (>0.5 s) the display. If alarm has been set for running once, after turing iff will be disabled.


When entering this app, current month and current day (by blue box) is set. Months can be changed by vertical swipe, long touch (> 0.5s) resets calendar to current month and day.

Stop watch

When stop watch app is on screen, display never goes sleep. When stopwatches are running, stopwatch icon is showed in display icon panel. Stops can be started, stopped and set to zero by pressing crown (button).