• lightweight system with only neccessary features
  • standalone system - no synchronisation with phone is required
  • battery life approx. 48 hours with display off (activated by touch / tilt up / button press)
  • battery life approx. 7 hours with display always on

User interface

  • display go sleep after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • wake-up tilt up maneuver
  • screen lock (unlockable by PEKshort) to prevent random touch
  • many watch faces with cool design
  • display always on feature (sleep display when watches are off hand)

Everyday features / tools / gadgets

Planned features

Nead future

  • simple calc
  • reseting step counter
  • timezone times table

Distant future

  • sound recorder
  • more fit/health functions (some of them will require some machine learning framework for microcontrollers)
    • notify about long time without activity
    • calculate burned calories
    • analyse sleep behaviour
  • optional connection with phone (will require android app)
    • synchronise date & time
    • notification about messages
    • notification about missed calls
    • show incoming call (and reject it)
    • step counter charts