Frequently asked questions

Devices & installation

Does CyberWatch OS run on other devices than T-Watch series? No. CyberWatch OS is using library created by official T-Watch manufacturer, chinese company LilyGo. This library is specific for T-Watch hardware (e.g. GPIO maps etc.). Which versions of T-Watch series CyberWatch OS supports? CyberWatch OS is developed on TTGO T-Watch 2020 V3 device. I've received reports from T-Watch 2020 V1 and V2 users that CyberWatch OS runs on their devices without any problem.
In theory, CyberWatch OS could run on T-Watch 2021 series, but system's GUI is not designed for circle display. I am not programmer or any other computer guy, is it hard to install CyberWatch OS? Absolutely not. There are few simple steps described in documentation. I followed installation steps in documentation, but process failed and I have errors in Visual Code... Please, create issue on GitHub and put these errors to the comment of issue togerther with your operating system's name and version. I will fix them as soon as possible.

Applications & utilities

Is there any simple calc app? Currently not, but is on planned features list and will be implemented very soon. Is possible to use CyberWatch OS for displaying notifications from phone? Currently not. CyberWatch OS is standalone system, but there is planned optional connection with phone. But in very distant future, I pressume.

Bug reporting, contributtion & support

I found bug or I want a feature that is not on the planned feature list. How can I let you know? Please, create issue on GitHub. Attach steps / detailed description to reproduce error found by you.
If you want any new feature, please, describe your ideas with all details. I want to support you Any follower on our social medias will be great! If you want to participate or give me some funds, please contact me :-) .


T-Watch is chinese device. You are using chinese library. There are spying cases around the world with chinese manufacturers. Is CyberWatch OS safe? I think yes. T-Watch devices are delivered as hardware without any software. CyberWatch OS is completely open source with whole code on GitHub, so you can look inside code and check that is really safe.
Although CyberWatch OS is using manufacturer's library, this library is on GitHub too, so you can see, there is no communication with any server on internet or any other evil thing. Why are you working on this software and why is free? It's fun :-). As Linux user, I've been using open source sofwtare whole my carrier as developer. So this is my contribution back to the community.