About CyberWatch Operating System

CyberWatch is operating system for Lilygo® T-WATCH-2020 smart watch. Originally started as free time project of one cyberpunk minded developer as "learning-c-programming" project. Without ambitions to be big, fully operating system for everyday use, but CyberWatch OS gets every week more and more features.. Features for every day life...so time will show :-) .

Modern smart watches have many features, some are usefull, some not. But in general, they have closed software, collecting quantum of data about user's everyday life (GPS position, steps, notifications, biometric data - pulse, sleep behavior). You don't know who and how will use it. If you're not paying for the product, you are the product! And lot of these products are cheap. So you are the product! In opposite to these commercial systems, CyberWatch OS is totally free, open forever.

UI is inspired by retrowave, cassette futurism, 80' TV shows like Knight Rider or Airwolf and 80' cyberpunk subculture. Simple UI, as less as possible of data on screen. Necessary minimum of controls and buttons. Trying to prevent flooding user with big load of data, numbers, icons.... Keep it simple.

Whole code is opensource, published on GitHub. You can study it. Look inside and see all parts. No undercover actions. No spying. No collecting and sending data to internet / corpo servers. Open and public code. Use it. Rewrite some parts. Add some new features. Fix bugs. Feel free to participate on CyberWatch OS development.

Written in C/C++ code, based on Xinyuan-LilyGO /TTGO_TWatch_Library. Trying to fit MISRA standards for embedded systems. Some tools and utils scripts are written in Python. Builded with PlatformIO, but will be independent in the future - planning to use pure C++ compiler, linker and avrdune tool running from cli, not from PlatformIO IDE.